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EZOOMTech brings you the latest in E-scooters and other E-products. Electric power is more advanced than ever and growing faster everyday. Our goal is to distribute premium products to the UK at an affordable price. We are with you every step of the way.
We’re British based and so our products are designed around our daily lives, high rate water resistance is crucial to make our products built to last, along with a solid, rigid frame that retains light weight and ultra strong. We are BUILT FOR BRITAIN.

All of our products have been tried and tested throughly, and used in daily life, so we can confidently provide a service you can rely on.

Easy carrying and compact storing

At EZOOMTech we aim for usability, we achieve this with the E9's easy storage and carrying capability. Weighing only 12.5kg the E9 is lightweight but still retains a firm ride with its areospace grade aluminium structure.

Puncture proof tyres

The E9's honey comb structured tyres allow for comfort riding and superb grip in all weather conditions. Never have to worry about being stranded with a flat tyre again.

Front and rear LED lights

With safety as a number one priority, the E9 comes fitted with front and rear LED lights as standrard. With the rear tail light acting as break light.

Customer reviews

Fantastic customer service, always on hand to contact. Friendly and offered lots of advice regarding the E9. All my queries were answered with confidence, with no detail left unclarified.


Nathan, Wigan

I can honestly say I'm really impressed with the quality of it. I was pleased that it even has a rear suspension. I would like to point out the great service they provided, they brought it to my door step at a reasonable price and let me try the sample before purchasing for reassurance.


Arturo, Manchester

Outstanding service! couldnt be happier with my scooter, I ordered it saturday and after speaking to the team they was able to deliver it the next day personally.


Joe, Liverpool

I ordered the E9 and ive been out on it everyday since. Really supprised at how long the battery life is, even in sport mode


Terry, Liverpool
ezoomtech e-scooter in liverpool city
two ezoomtech e-scooters in a park on a sunny day
two ezoomtech e-scooters on a pier on a sunny day

Why EZOOMTech?

Built for Britain - Simple Maintenence - 24/7 Unparralelled customer service