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......Pure Air Electric Scooter. Water Resistance IP65, Max Load 120kg, Max Speed 15.5mph, Max Range, 18.6 MilesText Box: Water resistance           Max Load                     Range                    Max Speed
       IP54                             120kg                       15-35km                    25kmph


36V 7.5A Lithium ion battery, powering a 350W motor

The E9 is built for the UK, with its IP54 water resistance and long battery life, it makes the perfect commuter. 
At EZOOMTech we aim for usability, we achieve this with the E9's easy storage and carrying capability. Weighing only 12.5kg the E9 is lightweight but still retains a firm ride with its aerospace grade alluminium structure. 

With safety as a number one priority, the E9 comes fitted with front and rear LED lights as standard. With the rear tail light acting as brake light. Visibility is vital to all riders, our LED lights are perfect for lighting up your path while making you visible to those around you. 

The E9 has front and rear braking systems. The front is functioned by the motor activating ‘Kers’ which will slow momentum. With the added sharp rear disc brake, slowing down is no problem 

Maximise your E9 with the smartphone app. Allowing more multi functions and even ‘park’ your E9 which locks out the scooter from riding, making you the key holder. Available on android and IOS the 'Uni Scooter' app will give you access to your E9. 

The E9's puncture proof honey comb structured tyres allow for comfort riding and superb grip in all weather conditions.

Upgraded battery achieves more range
Upgraded LED spot light is x4 brighter

Some of the E9 features are-
Cruise control
Eco/sport mode
Rear suspension 
Smartphone app connectivity 
Front & rear LED

Max Speed 25km/h
PCBA Volt 36V
Max Current 12.5 A
LCD Display Colourful LCD
Start Mode Non-Zero start

Front/Rear LED
Upgrade to LED spot light

Battery Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity

Upgrade to 10AH

Battery Mileage 15-35KM
Motor size 8.5inch
Motor Position Front wheel
Motor Rated Power 350W
Motor Max Power  540W
Tire Honey Comb/Pneumatic tire/solid tyre