Our story

EZOOMtech brings you the latest in electronic scooters, other E-products and gadgets. In a world constantly evolving with new technology, we offer high quality build with sleek designs in everything we do.

We are at the heart of the north west. With city life and country side in either direction, we take our products everywhere we go. If thats in our daily life or to explore.

We have experienced the fun and freedom of E-scooters,  80% of our vacations included E-scooter rental, capable of taking us around a complete city in 1/3 of the time it would of took walking and public transport. EZOOMtech can now bring this to you. We also strive for competitive quality over pricing. 

We are able to confidently back up our product for what it's intent is. As Ourselves who are customers in their everyday life, we crave excellent customer service and product craft we can rely on. This is a deal breaker, when in our own lives. So, in turn you can expect nothing less than 24/7 unparalleled customer care when we offer our services to the world. You can count on us.

 With a pressing concern of an increase in car's on UK roads, MP's push for the use of E-scooters on public roads. Here at EZOOMTech we amongst many are fighting the constant battle against climate change. Electric versions of our daily life products are increasingly turning green. And we hold that close to our hearts, with everything we do. Us as well as many others thrive to bring a cleaner future finding solutions for waste and emissions.

The ever changing world we live in never stops, technology is everywhere we look, until something new quickly comes along to replace it. Everything is constantly evolving. As a brand, we are nothing but the same. As we ride this rocket ship, so do you, as a valued member of the EZOOMTtech community. With 24/7 interaction were never far from your input into our brand, products and customer care.

Our aim is to bring you high quality Electric scooters at a more realistic price. 


The EZOOM movement, get on board with the future.